Breakfast Program

The Mission started with one table and a few chairs, all dilapidated, and donated to us by a church. For the first few years, the whole community would fit around this one table. The friendships started at this table have continued to be part of our lives ever since. Since those early years, we have added ten more tables. They are now round.

Table fellowship has always been a key element of the life of St. John’s. Over the years the focus has been on different meals at differing times of the day: lunch, dinner, supper. The breakfast program, which started a number of years ago as part of the City’s winter ‘Out of the Cold’ program, has been identified of late as a need not just of the winter but throughout the year. Breakfast is served almost daily, starting earlier and earlier in the day each year. Both staff and volunteers are involved in the breakfast program.

Volunteers need to feel they are part of a community, not just a drop-in centre. It is a place to learn the importance of ‘wasting time’ with each other, of being human, of laughter and celebration. Most celebrations are done at tea-time. Care is taken to ensure birthdays, leave-takings, and every other personal milestone are remembered and celebrated at tea-time. There should be a designated person who cares for this, who makes sure no one is forgotten. To celebrate people is also a way to learn to be present to one another; it is a good way to build a sense of community that is large and inclusive.

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