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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a legal requirement of the government of Canada for all registered charities. The Board is responsible to the government for the proper ordering of the material and financial affairs of the life of the Mission. The Board of Directors is also responsible for ensuring adherence to the Letters Patent under which the Mission is incorporated by the supervising Ontario ministry. Board members come from a variety of backgrounds and skills.

The Board of Directors of the Mission is the legal owner of the buildings of the Mission, and holds them in trust for the good and welfare of the poor. The buildings are not owned by the church or the diocese. The Board of Directors is responsible to ensure that adequate funds are raised for the work of the Mission. The Board of Directors must meet at least four times a year. Every year, and annual general meeting is held to approve the auditor’s reoprt, appoint an auditor for the coming year, and if need be elect new board memebers. The board members are elected by the membership of the Mission.

St. John’s Board Members 2021-22:

  • Fr. Eugene Morishita-Miki (chair)
  • Frank Petras (treasurer)
  • Sindu Bogale
  • Marco Bonatti
  • Daniel Bondi
  • Elena Constantin
  • Daniel Gray
  • J. Curtis McDonnell
  • Mary Padma
  • Chris Vanderwees

Sobor (Community Council)

Leadership in the Community of St. John the Compassionate Mission is based on the Orthodox concept of Sobornost – of persons working together for the good of all in the image of the Holy Trinity, and in mutual self-emptying.

The membership of St. John the Compassionate Mission is made up of the Sobor members, according to the Mission by-laws. Members of the Sobor must be involved in the day-to-day life of the Mission, and have a history with the Mission of at least five years.

At the invitation of the permanent members of the Sobor, any person can be invited to be a temporary member of the Sobor for one year. Permanent members of the Sobor are defined by the Rule. Decisions of the Sobor are normally reached by consensus.


Servants of the Community

fr-nicolaie Father Nicolaie Atitienei
MSW, RSW, MA Psych.
Originally from Romania, Father completed four years of seminary at the University of Timisoara (Romania) where he acquired a Master’s in Social Psychology and Theology. In Canada, he completed his Master’s in social work from U of T.
Father is sought out for counseling by people from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures.
Father Deacon Pawel Mucha
LTS Prefect
Deacon Pawel Mucha came to St. John’s in 2007, planning to stay for one year. Originally from the UK, he previously had a career in teaching. A spiritual son of Archbishop Anthony of Sourozh, he frequented Father Lev and Elder Sophrony of Sussex. Ordained as a deacon for the Mission in 2010, he is now Prefect of the Lived Theology School at the Mission. He is appreciated for his encyclopedic knowledge of church history, and dry Scottish sense of humour.
Angela B. Cass
Computers, audio-visual, web & communication
Shawn Burk
Shawn has worked for St. John’s for many years, and worn many different hats. He is currently running the breakfast program starting nearly every morning at 5 a.m.
Rudina Caslli
Originallly from Albania; loves numbers; the voice of the Mission to our supporters; has been at the Mission for over ten years; meticulous bookkeeper; always ready to help.
Lead Baker
Nobody is better working with his hands. Alaa came from Syria with his family; he learned to bake and to speak English at St. John's Bakery.
Johan lends a steady presence at the door during the early mornings at St. John’s.
Welcoming people at the Mission since the very beginning, she makes sure no one comes in unnoticed. She is responsible for welcoming people, as only she can! Joanna was born and raised in Toronto.
Community Cellarer
Our economos, from 5 a.m. on George takes good care of everything the community receives.
Scott is a cook at the Mission, and also helps out with carpentry and general maintenance.
Chief sweet-maker at St. John’s Bakery
Jacqueline is from Mexico. She makes food that tastes very good.
Mary is a kind soul who reminds us weekly about the most precious gift of our community — the gentleness and love of the poor. Mary, the community’s representative, is also a founding member of the Thursday singing club.
Sister Penka
Sister Penka
A Sister of Mercy and mother of two children, Penka is from Bulgaria and has a background in finance. She spends most of her free time now at the Mission, making sure the room has flowers and looks beautiful. Being herself a volunteer, Penka cares the most for those who give their time and gifts to the community, expecting nothing in return.
Erin and Tammy
Erin and Tammy
Erin and Tammy are chief bakers at St. John’s Bakery.
Chris Vanderwees
Chris is a registered psychotherapist, working with St. Macrina Counselling Services from the Mission. He is also an active member in the community’s life.
Brother Luke
Brother Luke
Brother Luke is a Brother of Mercy, serving in many capacities on behalf of St. John’s.
Diane has worked in the ‘front end’ of St. John’s Bakery for many years. She greets customers with her Maritime charm.
Miroslava is married, a mother of two, and a recent retiree from the financial world. “I am blessed to serve as Starosta in our humble community. I serve with joy and reverence, with faith in our church and gospel. I care for all people of God, and humbly I am in service of the poor and the church, working along with our spiritual Fathers and the Sobor. With all my heart I rejoice to serve in humility, to help take care of people, to give and receive blessings, and to pray in our chapel. I am truly blessed to be part of our community.”
Director of Good Neighbours Drop-In
Mary has lived in Scarborough since 1999, and lived in the Middle East before coming to Canada. Originally from Sri Lanka, she is a social service worker, and speaks Sinhalese, Tamil, Arabic, Hindi, and of course English. She likes to travel a lot, and enjoys cooking and conversations.
p.Roberto Ubertino
Executive Director
Founder of the Mission (1986); orginally from the Congo, via South Africa and Italy.
Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
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